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RAHAJENG HARI NYEPI – Bali’s Day Of Silence

Nyepi Silence Day-2

21. March 2015: New Year in Bali. Today in Bali is NYEPI. The day of silence. Everything is closed. Nobody – even the tourists – are not allowed to go out on the streets, travel, work or hear loud music and turn the lights on. The Balinese celebrate there new year (Isakawarsa) every year in March. This holiday is a special Balinese celebration, decided by ... Read More »

Traveling by bus in Panama

From Panam City to all destinations by bus

Travelling by bus in Panama is quite easy. There are buses going to almost all areas an places. The main bus stations are Panama City and David. from there leaving minimum every hour buses to all areas. For example: Bus from Panama City to Bocas del Toro: There is a bus from Albrook bus station in Panama City, which takes ... Read More »

6 travel tips to secure your belongings

Now, it also happened to me. I was robbed at the port of Athens. Early in the morning, on my way to Naxos, it even happened to me: I wanted to buy a sandwitch before my ferry departured at 7.25 a.m. At the bakery, my suitcase behind next to me, I ordered a sandwich without meat. They had to prepare ... Read More »

Supi on the road – here is where I am right now

A lot of friends asked me for my tour dates. So I decided to put them on a list, where you can check, where I am right now or probably where you want to join in and meet somewhere. So here we go. Here is my rough plan: 2016 11.12.-02.02.Colombia, Tour (Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Medellin,    Amazonas etc.) 03.02. -04.02. ... Read More »

30 things you should do before you die

30 things to do

Life is short. We often run the rat race at times and don’t see that we lost our way. And in the end before you die you’re laying in bed and looking back on your lifetime. At this time, you would never say to yourself  “Oh if only I had spent more time with working!” You will think: “Oh if ... Read More »

# 13 24h hours trip from Amritapuri to Goa

Scribble Diairy

24h hours trip from Amritapuri to Goa. Morning mediation at 6.30h at the beach or Amaritapuri, made my day. Everything that followed, was just a „skip forward“ button: 4hrs drive by taxi from Amaritapuri to Kochin. From Kochin to Goa another 22 hours. From Goa bus station to Arambol 1,5 hours. In total about 28 hours for 800 km!!The bus ... Read More »