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Ashvem beach

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am fresh and energized for an new beautiful year: 2014. I would follow my reading in Vedic astrology, it will be a year full of changes and happenings in my life! We will see. But don’t put your whole life in the hands of your destiny. We can work in this life with small steps to ... Read More »

# 16 At the end of the paradise / Silvester


At the end of the paradise / SylvesterBine and me went to the Paradise Beach. Its so beautiful, peaceful and empty, not crowded. It’s a really paradise here. This place is known for bike rides at the beach. One of our rare chances to do this. So let’s do it. Here is a short video to share with you guys this experience. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dn8mTui26c&w=560&h=315]We celebrated ... Read More »

# 14 Fed up with traveling

Katzensuppe Party

I am fed up with traveling!!After – in the end – the 28h trip from Amaritapuri to Goa. I finally arrived in Goa. I WON’T move my ass into any train, bus or other tranportation vehicles until I leave India!! puuhh. that was enough for now. Time to stay. And finally today I met Bine!!! Its so great after two weeks ... Read More »

# 13 24h hours trip from Amritapuri to Goa

Scribble Diairy

24h hours trip from Amritapuri to Goa. Morning mediation at 6.30h at the beach or Amaritapuri, made my day. Everything that followed, was just a „skip forward“ button: 4hrs drive by taxi from Amaritapuri to Kochin. From Kochin to Goa another 22 hours. From Goa bus station to Arambol 1,5 hours. In total about 28 hours for 800 km!!The bus ... Read More »

# 12 AMMAs lovely hugs

Ammas Ashram

AMMAs lovely hugsI arrived at 10 am at the Amritapuri ashram. A very beautiful but currently very crowded ashram. But very peaceful.  AMMA who built this Ashram, where she was born, are one of the famous living Gurus. She is very active with her aid organisations and projects to help people all over the world. She is also famous for ... Read More »

# 11 Backwater vs. tear drops water

Local ferry at the backwaters

Backwater vs. black water (or about the differences between societies)One of my sadest day of my trip. Today I lost my brand new GoPro cam in the sea. I double fixed it, before I went in the heavy ocean, but the waves and the current where to strong. I searched with a dozen of people around two hours. The people here ... Read More »

# 09 Sunny Xmas – Part II

Verkala Beach @ sunset

Sunny Xmas – Part IILAAAZYYY! I had another beach day, jogging route and Ayurvedic massage (Nasyam, Ayurveda massage with herbal oil). Time to move a bit slower on my trip. Otherwise you won’t enjoy and experience the trip intensively. And secondly I won’t become more relaxed and get my mind clear. # Lessons learned today: Before you go forward, learn to ... Read More »

# 09 Sunny Xmas Part I

Sunny Xmas in Varkala, India

Sunny Xmas Arrived at this really relaxed place on Xmas morning. I love rocky beaches, with cliffs, calm and vast sand beaches. Thats Varkala. First time I have seen so many tourists on one point. And this was even less in comparison with the rest of Varkala and Goa. Welcome to the bright sight of life .As a christmas present ... Read More »