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How to become a nomad and live a independend lifestyle

How to become a nomad?

I get often the questions, how to become a nomad? How can you afford that lifestyle? How can you earn money? With what kind of job can you live a nomad lifestyle? Where to find those jobs? So I thought, it could be helpful to have a list with different infos all around nomad lifestyle, tips, locations, jobs and so ... Read More »

Supi on the road – here is where I am right now

A lot of friends asked me for my tour dates. So I decided to put them on a list, where you can check, where I am right now or probably where you want to join in and meet somewhere. So here we go. Here is my rough plan: 2016 11.12.-02.02.Colombia, Tour (Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Medellin,    Amazonas etc.) 03.02. -04.02. ... Read More »

Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels

To all my -especially- female friends. I found this article and video about girls who travel on lovethesearch.com. I am not sure, if I like the title, but this is what I am and live right now. And while I am watching it, I am inspired and become hungry to explore more of this beautiful world. And here is the ... Read More »

Nomad freelance lifestyle

Working from anywhere. After one year working on my objective, to start a nomad lifestyle, I could change now my job as a freelancer and focus on online marketing. Especially on social media. Before, I worked as a project manager for agencies or companies on-site. And you have always to be there, totally involved in their office and daily business. ... Read More »