What makes you happy?

When we think about our life. Our inner desires, wishes and values and what we want to achieve finally – it always come back to happiness. We may all have different plans and desires. We want to buy a house for the time of retirement, travel or visit some specific places, aspire to a position or live a certain lifestyle. ... Read More »

Working on the beach

Working on the beach 13 days ago   Beach Office Time! Being a beacher means more than just holidays and relaxation. Sometimes you also have to work. But nowadays there are more options than ever to work from wherever you want. So why not work where it’s simply the nicest: on the beach. Of course you have to bear a ... Read More »

Mantra of the week

Live from the beach. My mantra of the week: Face the sun. Nap in a hammock. Breathe salty air. Go with he flow. Drift. Soften into warm sand. Sway like coconut palm. Float on a balmy breeze. Surrender to the shore. Let go. Unwind. Relax. Read More »

Life as a beacher


Here we go! Today our life as a beacher starts on this beautiful island Milos in Greece. We are going to spend up to 20 days here, if we get enough support from you, guys. So follow www.enter-nature.com and support us with your likes and comments. This beachers life campaign Read More »

Yoga Nidra – a deep sleep meditation

Deep Relaxation, Yoga Nidra, Deep Sleep

Yoga Nidra is a deep meditation which “yogis” often use to experience the deepest state of relaxation. It is also quite known under “lucid dreaming”, which is similar, but not include to stay in consciousness of your actual environment. You need just to lay down on your back with closed eyes and follow the instructions. There is nothing else to do. ... Read More »

Life is like Icecream. Enjoy it, before it melts.

#LYL #Liveyourlife #BeSUPIeveryday

Life is like Icecream. Enjoy it, before it melts. Life is like Icecream. We often like to wait for the perfect moment, the perfect opportunity. For example, “when I will earn more money, I will do this or be that”, “when I will have more time, I will do a worldtrip or found an organization”. We are always waiting in ... Read More »