Doodle Fastfood And Sweets To Loose Weight?


Do you also belong to that type of people, who always plan to eat more fruits and vegetables, but can’t avoid sweets and fastfood? I read about a study, published in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain science, where it said: when you doodle unhealthy food like sweets and fastfood it makes you more happy and you will eat more healthy in ... Read More »

6 travel tips to secure your belongings

Now, it also happened to me. I was robbed at the port of Athens. Early in the morning, on my way to Naxos, it even happened to me: I wanted to buy a sandwitch before my ferry departured at 7.25 a.m. At the bakery, my suitcase behind next to me, I ordered a sandwich without meat. They had to prepare ... Read More »

Stopover in Istanbul

Lost at the airport, I met this both nice guys, Douglas and Mübi, who had to take the same flight to Bodrum. All from Germany, we took care of each other and spent the time together while we were waiting for the flight. We had some interesting conversations about traveling, hard work in and now burnt out people, food, and ... Read More »

The difference between comfort and happiness


Today on a boat offshore driving towards Split, I found Thiele wise words from Colin, which I wanna share with you: “There’s a big difference between comfort and happiness:  being happy means that you are overjoyed about what you’re doing, who you are, the people you’re meeting and the things that you’re doing.  Being comfortable means that you’re not feeling ... Read More »

Supi on the road – here is where I am right now

A lot of friends asked me for my tour dates. So I decided to put them on a list, where you can check, where I am right now or probably where you want to join in and meet somewhere. So here we go. Here is my rough plan: 2016 11.12.-02.02.Colombia, Tour (Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Medellin,    Amazonas etc.) 03.02. -04.02. ... Read More »

Mantra of the week: Today is a brand new day. Every step I take is a new…

Today Is A New Day

Start with a beautiful mantra or affirmation into this week and say it minimum once a day to yourself: Today is a brand new day.                                                                       Every step I take is a new.                                                                  Every sight I see is bright.                                                                 Every sound I hear is musical.                                                      Every morsel I taste is a delight.                                                         At the ... Read More »