Analyse your personality

Live Your Live, LYL. Supi Love, Peronality Test

Before you probably want to change something in your life, it’s good to analyse your personality. To become a clearer idea what person you are, what motivates you and what are your strengths and skills. I can just highly recommend finding out more about yourself, before you start to change something in your life. Doesn’t matter if it’s your job ... Read More »

30 things you should do before you die

30 things to do

Life is short. We often run the rat race at times and don’t see that we lost our way. And in the end before you die you’re laying in bed and looking back on your lifetime. At this time, you would never say to yourself  “Oh if only I had spent more time with working!” You will think: “Oh if ... Read More »

10 quick ideas to share your Love – Valentine’s day for everybody


Valentine’s day – the day for sharing and expressing our love. But it is it just for couples?                                                                                      LOVE is not just in a love relationship. LOVE is in every relationship. Sharing your love and showing others, what they mean to you.  Doing something good to people, your earth, your environment. So you don’t need to stay in a relationship.                                                          ... Read More »

10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness

10 habits tha steal your happiness

10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness Today a want to share with you an article from Angel Chernoff about 10 little habits that steal your happiness and should be avioded: You ultimately become what you repeatedly do.  If your habits aren’t helping you, they’re hurting you.  Here are a few examples of the latter that will steal your happiness ... Read More »

Story of: Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen

Today we want to introduce you to a wonderful, unique and open minded artist and entrepreneur: HEATHER HANSEN. Heather is an LA, New Orleans-based artist which uses performance, her body, movement, and charcoal and pastel to create her large-scale drawings. By moving her joints, extending her back, stretching and contracting, Heather creates drawings. Her project ‘Emptying Gestures,’ “is an experiement ... Read More »


Ashvem beach

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am fresh and energized for an new beautiful year: 2014. I would follow my reading in Vedic astrology, it will be a year full of changes and happenings in my life! We will see. But don’t put your whole life in the hands of your destiny. We can work in this life with small steps to ... Read More »