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How to increase your productivity?

I am on a workaway Camp with Refuga in Barcelona.Workaway Camp Refuga

17 motivated and inspired Entrepreneurs from 10 different nations joining this amazing event.

Close to Barcelona in the mountains, totally remote. But with one of the best internet connections I had the last months.

We are working almost everyday on our own projects but sharing ideas, feedback and having discussions.

One topic of those days was, “how we can increase our daily productivity”.

Today I wanna share with you our results.

  1. Use an app like Focus boost  or Pomadora, where you can set your working time periods and breaks. For example work 20 minutes and 5 minutes break, or 60 minutes work time and 10 minutes break. Find your best ongoing work-balance during the day, to get things done, but not be burned out.
  1. Eat the frog in the morning. Do the biggest and hardest task, with which you are struggling the most, as the first thing in the morning. So you don’t have to carry it with you all the day long in your mind.
  1. Check and answer emails in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. They distracting you to be productive, creative and to finish bigger task. Mostly it’s enough to answer 2-3 hours later. Nobody will die and even sometimes things clarify by it self.
  1. Turn off notifications. Do the same with all your notifications of your social media channels. They just distract you from work. Use the breaks to answer it.
  1. Set 3 daily goals in the morning. We are doing a check-in every morning here and each of us, is setting 3 goals for the day. In the evening we check-in again, and go though our main 3 daily goals, if we achieved them. That helps us, to get the most important things done for the day. And doing it together is pushing you even further, because no one wants to fail.
  1. You can’t do everything. Source out the task that takes you too much time and with which you struggle the most. Good platforms to outsource tasks:


    1. tasktilldone.com
    2. elance.com
    3. Fiverr.com
    4. Upwork.com
    5. TaskRabbit.com
  1. Honor yourself when you finished a task. Enjoy a piece of chocolate; take a walk in the sun. You will have more fun with your goals and like to get things done.
  1. Install an app on your computer, that lets you block different websites like Facebook and other sites that could distract you from work. For example: HeyFocus or Selfcontrol
  1. Get your inbox to zero emails and keep it that clean. Either answer it immediately after reading or postpone it with reminder.
  1. Every morning (or the evening before) prioritize all your tasks all the time to make sure you’re working this day / week on the most important task.

For more info’s and insights I can really recommend you to join a coworking event like Refuga.

Do you have any other productivity tips?


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