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How to earn money as a digital nomad?

I published a post on Task Till Done about how to earn money as a digital nomad. Task Till Done is basically an app for oursourcing tasks. You can offer any tasks on this plattform.

A friend is running this app and I am using it since launch time. Here is the link to my article. Task Till Done

Unfortunately it’s in German, so I transated it for you guys into English:

Work from everywhere

How to earn money as a digital nomad?
People often asked me, how I earn my money as a digital nomad.
Many envy me for my lifestyle. But it is not always easy. Outwardly, it looks much as if you just travel, have fun, surfing, doing yoga and party.
Even as a digital nomad you have to work. As in any other job as well. The most important question as a freelancer or entrepreneur is rather how to organize and how efficiently are you operating.

What kind of work & service can I offer?
Basically, you can offer everything that you can provide online. The main requirement is, that you don’t need to be physically there.
Most digital nomads who I know, are working either on a freelance basis or have their own online business – or as I do, and doing both.

Job examples for digital nomads could be:

– Online Marketer
– Social Media Marketer
– Affiliate Marketer
– Web / -Designer & -Graphiker
– Programmers
– Consultant for Online Projects
– Project Manager for Online Projects
– Coach
– Translator
– Blogger
– Copywriter

But you can also apply for temporary jobs on-site, such as:
– House Sitting
– Kennels & Cattery care
– Instructor
– Surf / Kitesurf Instructor
– Yoga teacher & massage therapist
– Tour guide for trips
– cook

We all have several qualities. The best thing is to offer the qualities you are good in and most fun for you to develop and deliver online.

Where can I get job orders from?
There are many ways to come to jobs in the internet.

1. Permanent:
Either you are looking for specific jobs on a permanent basis, but which you can do online or in your home office. On sites like stepstone.de or monster.de or http://onlinemarketingjobs.de/. But these are difficult and rare to get. In addition, you are usually related to the working hours of your colleagues and might be quite inflexible.
But if you want to have security and a steady income, this is probably the best working relationship.

2. Freelancer:
For freelancers there are many jobs and opportunities to make money.
For example, portals, as elance.de, Odesk.de or Freelancer.com.
Especially TasktillDone I use a lot, since the first hour after the launch.
You can search specifically for jobs, write out its tasks and skills or you can outsource tasks yourself.
Unlike other portals TaskTillDone runs as an app on mobile devices, and you can therefore manage and organize all of your requests or orders. Just as digital nomad is not so important.

For example, on a longer boring bus trip on Bali, I used the time and was screening through the job offers with my phone and local 3G card on TaskTillDone and got out with a blogger job for a couple of items in the bag after about 3 hours bus drive.

3. own online business or product
Many digital nomads have their own online business. So you’re not just location-independent, but usually also the most likely time-independent.
You can earn money by cooperations, affiliate marketing, banner ads, or an integrated store revenue for example through your own blog. For larger business projects, you might need everyday business specific or assistant support, which you can quickly and easily find for example on TaskTillDone.

In addition, it is useful to also own digital products such as e-books, videos, online courses or your own app, such as TaskTillDone and sell. In this way you can achieve a passive income in the long term way. That makes you even more independent and unbound when traveling.

Basically, you can make money in many ways.
You just need to be creative in your tasks and and service that you offer, well organized and have discipline to work at vacation places or on the road and not to get distraced.

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