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Beach Yoga – become one with the nature

Beach Yoga in Greece, Milos #Supi #beachyoga

For me is the beach side something like my living room. I try to use it and be there as much as I can. Especially in the mornings practicing meditation, yoga at the beach or go for a long jogging tour, it gives me me so much power and energy for the day. And especially because of the nature – ... Read More »

Yoga Nidra – a deep sleep meditation

Deep Relaxation, Yoga Nidra, Deep Sleep

Yoga Nidra is a deep meditation which “yogis” often use to experience the deepest state of relaxation. It is also quite known under “lucid dreaming”, which is similar, but not include to stay in consciousness of your actual environment. You need just to lay down on your back with closed eyes and follow the instructions. There is nothing else to do. ... Read More »

I am who I am

Live Your Life. Be who you are.

I am a rebell I am a pirate I am a warrior I am a lover I am a daughter I am a sister I am a workaholic I am a change maker I am a harmony lover I am a party girl I am a traveller I am a host I am a guest I am lifestyle nerd I ... Read More »



There is one thing, and I would say, it’s the most essential thing in life. Consciously “breathing”. And it doesn’t mean, you just “have to do”. No, you allowed to do and should do it more consciously.  Especially Yoga taught me this – and the vedic philosophy behind it, which is a few thousand years old! To breath consciously, means ... Read More »

The Pirate Yoga Lifestyle

Welcome to the Yoga-pirate Lifestyle We are all on our journey to find the booty. Explore and find out what your booty is and where to find your treasure. Join the Yoga-pirate community and lifestyle. Fun, love and laughter. No Do and no Do nots! Aye Aye, smartly join the Yoga-pirate Lifestyle. What is a Yoga-pirate? A Yoga-pirate -in my ... Read More »