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Take me to my paradise – My journey

Feliz Navidad – Love and happiness to all of you

Casa Caracol, Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Christmas in Mexico.

Christmas time is a time to share your love with your friends and family. But also a very spiritual time. Even when you are not religious, it’s good to look inward and find your inner peace. Maybe you want to visualize and use my favorite ways to review: Look back on what you all created in the past year and ... Read More »

Stopover in Istanbul

Lost at the airport, I met this both nice guys, Douglas and Mübi, who had to take the same flight to Bodrum. All from Germany, we took care of each other and spent the time together while we were waiting for the flight. We had some interesting conversations about traveling, hard work in and now burnt out people, food, and ... Read More »

Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels

To all my -especially- female friends. I found this article and video about girls who travel on lovethesearch.com. I am not sure, if I like the title, but this is what I am and live right now. And while I am watching it, I am inspired and become hungry to explore more of this beautiful world. And here is the ... Read More »

Life as a beacher


Here we go! Today our life as a beacher starts on this beautiful island Milos in Greece. We are going to spend up to 20 days here, if we get enough support from you, guys. So follow www.enter-nature.com and support us with your likes and comments. This beachers life campaign Read More »


Ashvem beach

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am fresh and energized for an new beautiful year: 2014. I would follow my reading in Vedic astrology, it will be a year full of changes and happenings in my life! We will see. But don’t put your whole life in the hands of your destiny. We can work in this life with small steps to ... Read More »

# 16 At the end of the paradise / Silvester


At the end of the paradise / SylvesterBine and me went to the Paradise Beach. Its so beautiful, peaceful and empty, not crowded. It’s a really paradise here. This place is known for bike rides at the beach. One of our rare chances to do this. So let’s do it. Here is a short video to share with you guys this experience. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dn8mTui26c&w=560&h=315]We celebrated ... Read More »

# 15 Goa Nightlife

Goa Beach Arambol - Mandrem

Goa Nightlife Goa isn’t that Party area as it was 20-30 years ago. They banned all the open air parties at the beach. If you search for parties and think this is an India Ibiza, you won’t find what you are searching for, but there are still a lot of parties in the clubs. And Goa is well known for hippies ... Read More »