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Nomad lifestyle

How to become a nomad and live a independend lifestyle

How to become a nomad?

I get often the questions, how to become a nomad? How can you afford that lifestyle? How can you earn money? With what kind of job can you live a nomad lifestyle? Where to find those jobs? So I thought, it could be helpful to have a list with different infos all around nomad lifestyle, tips, locations, jobs and so ... Read More »

How to increase your productivity?

Increase your productivity

I am on a workaway Camp with Refuga in Barcelona. 17 motivated and inspired Entrepreneurs from 10 different nations joining this amazing event. Close to Barcelona in the mountains, totally remote. But with one of the best internet connections I had the last months. We are working almost everyday on our own projects but sharing ideas, feedback and having discussions. ... Read More »

How to earn money as a digital nomad?

Work from everywhere

I published a post on Task Till Done about how to earn money as a digital nomad. Task Till Done is basically an app for oursourcing tasks. You can offer any tasks on this plattform. A friend is running this app and I am using it since launch time. Here is the link to my article. Unfortunately it’s in German, ... Read More »

“Willpower” or the psychological science of self-control


Willpower is one of the most important attitudes and characteristics you need to have, to be successful in what you are doing or want to do. Probably you know some of those people, who get done everything. If they have an idea in there mind, they realize it. They tell you, that they want to quit there job, open there ... Read More »

Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels

To all my -especially- female friends. I found this article and video about girls who travel on lovethesearch.com. I am not sure, if I like the title, but this is what I am and live right now. And while I am watching it, I am inspired and become hungry to explore more of this beautiful world. And here is the ... Read More »

Working on the beach

Working on the beach 13 days ago   Beach Office Time! Being a beacher means more than just holidays and relaxation. Sometimes you also have to work. But nowadays there are more options than ever to work from wherever you want. So why not work where it’s simply the nicest: on the beach. Of course you have to bear a ... Read More »

Nomad freelance lifestyle

Working from anywhere. After one year working on my objective, to start a nomad lifestyle, I could change now my job as a freelancer and focus on online marketing. Especially on social media. Before, I worked as a project manager for agencies or companies on-site. And you have always to be there, totally involved in their office and daily business. ... Read More »