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Find Your Dream Job


Presenter: Liz & Supi

A LIFE WORTH LIVING Webinar: January, 19th 2016 7PM EST Who can join? Everyone, who wants to change something in life. Unicorn Superhero Camp Founders Elizabeth Webb & Suparni Neuwirth. We set up this event from our deepest inner desires that we’ve built from our own experiences in the past years. As coaches in life-balance, health, yoga and business, we ... Read More »

How to earn money as a digital nomad?

Work from everywhere

I published a post on Task Till Done about how to earn money as a digital nomad. Task Till Done is basically an app for oursourcing tasks. You can offer any tasks on this plattform. A friend is running this app and I am using it since launch time. Here is the link to my article. Unfortunately it’s in German, ... Read More »

“Willpower” or the psychological science of self-control


Willpower is one of the most important attitudes and characteristics you need to have, to be successful in what you are doing or want to do. Probably you know some of those people, who get done everything. If they have an idea in there mind, they realize it. They tell you, that they want to quit there job, open there ... Read More »

Do what you like, not what you know

Do what you like

On the airplane from Madrid to Panama I read an insteresting section from the author Austin Kleon in his book “Steal like an Artist”. Most of the people start doing something, in fields where they are already experienced. Probably you also heared some advices before, like “you have to do what you know to succeed.” But does that makes you ... Read More »

Did you hear about “Behavioral economics”? Freebies just today!

What is behavioral economics? “All of economics is meant to be about people’s behavior. So, what is behavioral economics, and how does it differ from the rest of economics?   Economics traditionally conceptualizes a world populated by calculating, unemotional maximizers that have been dubbed Homo economicus. The standard economic framework ignores or rules out virtually all the behavior studied by ... Read More »

You Had A Dream?

You Had A Dream? Believe In Yourself And Don’t Give Up With Your Own Business You have your own business or think to start one? But at the moment just stuck or don’t know how to continue? I have a motivating video of my professional marketing friend: Kath Luty If this is how you currently feel about your business, it’s ... Read More »

What makes you happy?

When we think about our life. Our inner desires, wishes and values and what we want to achieve finally – it always come back to happiness. We may all have different plans and desires. We want to buy a house for the time of retirement, travel or visit some specific places, aspire to a position or live a certain lifestyle. ... Read More »

Test your creativity: Are you more left-brained or right-brained?


Have you ever asked yourself, why you can remember unimportant things better than important ones? Or learning stuff like an instrument, is easier for you than new office regulations? Maybe you belong to the part of people, who are more right-brained and in general more creative. Even if you have not a creative occupation, it might be creativity although drowses ... Read More »

Are You A Stress junkie?

Are you a stress junkie?

There is a type of people – and today it not less – who is yearning for actionism each day. Typically these people are successful in their career – but are they really successful in life?! In the beginning they aspire towards succeeded events, but later on they just running after actions. People like that feel euphoric under physical stress ... Read More »