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Doodle Fastfood And Sweets To Loose Weight?


Do you also belong to that type of people, who always plan to eat more fruits and vegetables, but can’t avoid sweets and fastfood? I read about a study, published in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain science, where it said: when you doodle unhealthy food like sweets and fastfood it makes you more happy and you will eat more healthy in ... Read More »


Acid Base Balance I try to keep my acid-base balance, since I had an overacidification two years ago, after a time where I had my second small burnout. My first one, was from working too much, but my second was caused by a mixture of too much work and too much leisure stress. So my doctor recommended me to make ... Read More »


Recipe: cranberry sunflower seed snack A very easy and tasty snack for guests and snack between are roasted sunflower seeds cranberry mix with an oriental taste. Ingredients: 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds 1/4 cup of dried cranberries 1 tbs walnut oil 1 tbs agave syrup A touch of salt A touch of curry powder A touch of cardamom  Description: Put ... Read More »


Recipe: Healthy asparagus salad Asparagus time. Summer time. Time to test this easy to prepare, but very delicious salad. Ingredients: – 500gr green asparagus – 1 tsp walnut oil – 1 tsp olive oil – hand full parsley  – hand full chives – Salt  – pepper – 1 tsp organic agaves syrup – 2 clove garlic – 2 onion – ... Read More »