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Be SUPI everyday

The world is changing – the mindset shifting

Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.

After the terror attacks in Paris the world seems to re-think the behaviour of us human beinings on this planet. How can we belong to a species that is so full of death, hate and negetive energy? Its seems suddently people understand, that we just have a chance to survive when we go back to our true values and connect ... Read More »

How to increase your productivity?

Increase your productivity

I am on a workaway Camp with Refuga in Barcelona. 17 motivated and inspired Entrepreneurs from 10 different nations joining this amazing event. Close to Barcelona in the mountains, totally remote. But with one of the best internet connections I had the last months. We are working almost everyday on our own projects but sharing ideas, feedback and having discussions. ... Read More »

Swim from Gili Air to Lombok

View on Lombok from Gili Air

Currently I have an ear infection from swimming in pool in Ubud. I am staying for one month with my friend Helene from Germany in Ubud on Bali. But his weekend we went off to the Gili islands, for a festival called Burning island festival. I also wanted to use the chance and go diving, but my ear infection, which ... Read More »

Feliz Navidad – Love and happiness to all of you

Casa Caracol, Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Christmas in Mexico.

Christmas time is a time to share your love with your friends and family. But also a very spiritual time. Even when you are not religious, it’s good to look inward and find your inner peace. Maybe you want to visualize and use my favorite ways to review: Look back on what you all created in the past year and ... Read More »

Stopover in Istanbul

Lost at the airport, I met this both nice guys, Douglas and Mübi, who had to take the same flight to Bodrum. All from Germany, we took care of each other and spent the time together while we were waiting for the flight. We had some interesting conversations about traveling, hard work in and now burnt out people, food, and ... Read More »

Mantra of the week

Live from the beach. My mantra of the week: Face the sun. Nap in a hammock. Breathe salty air. Go with he flow. Drift. Soften into warm sand. Sway like coconut palm. Float on a balmy breeze. Surrender to the shore. Let go. Unwind. Relax. Read More »

Nomad freelance lifestyle

Working from anywhere. After one year working on my objective, to start a nomad lifestyle, I could change now my job as a freelancer and focus on online marketing. Especially on social media. Before, I worked as a project manager for agencies or companies on-site. And you have always to be there, totally involved in their office and daily business. ... Read More »

Openair party Cologne

Unofficial open air party Grünton @sunday I love open air parties in the summer! On the one hand, it’s so much better for your time rhythm, if you are an eary bird and don’t want to sleep that long next day. On the other hand, I prefer parties in the sun, outdoor and not in dark clubs. In Cologne we ... Read More »